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Darius Rex Savannah Report

2267, September 7th [Flashback]: "Voice authorization code: Zulu-Oscar-Zero-Nine-Alpha-Mike. To the Joint Chief of Staff of ARC (Amalgamate Republic Command), Over-Marshall Galix Hastings. Reporting from Faust IX, I Fleet Admiral Darius Rex, in command of the 1st Naval Battle Group within the Copernicus System, address this message to you. First, I give my hearty condolences to the people of the Amalgamate Republic and the family of the late Prime Minister Taron Gerard. The news of his assassination at such a perilous time in our history brings me great distress. However, I am confident in his successor, the new Prime Minister George Williams, and his capabilities. I stress that we all reaffirm our oaths to the Republic and to the new commander in chief, in order to ease political tension and fears of an imminent coup from within our own government. Secondly, as of three days ago, we have apprehend Grand Scion Kuichi Bushida of the Scion Empire and what was left of the 3rd Imperial Armada...Unfortunately however, it appears we were too late to help Savannah. Worse even, it appears Savannah has fallen to an extraterrestrial force that is hostile to all parties in the war. I did not want to believe it, but yesterday I received a debrief from the Commander of the ICS Spirit. His forces encountered what he describes as a "supernatural" force backed by the cult-terrorist organization we have been monitoring for some time, known as the Solar Blood Hands. According to Captain Miller, they only managed to escape due to the heroic actions of Disciple 2, which we sent as an advanced scouting party into the sector. It is only because of Disciple 2 that I forward to you the following intelligence package, revealing what the survivors of Savannah have gathered of our new enemy... sighs With that I end this audiolog and formally submit the list of known KIA and MIA personnel in the Savannah sector. Among them are the members of Disciple 2. -------- End transmission"

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