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Darius Rex Meets Kuichi Bushida

2267, September 4th: Opting for a cautious approach, the 1st Naval Battle Group arrives in the Savannah Sector (Copernicus System) from warp a total of 28.5 astronomical units away from Savannah. Although communication arrays fail to detect any activity deeper within the solar system, on Faust IX, vessels matching the signature of Scion Empire ships are detected using the AR's latest ship, the IIV Helios (Interstellar Imaging Vessel). Among the signatures appears to be an SE capital ship. Outnumbering his enemy 10 to 1, Fleet Admiral Darius Rex orders his forces to battle stations. As the 1st Naval Group encircles Faust IX, they transmit a message to the SE vessels below, demanding an immediate surrender. The Scions reply with a message requesting a parley, which is vehemently denied. A final order to surrender is issued before Darius Rex orders the 1st NBG to acquire locks on targets. However, just as Darius Rex was about to give the order, the Scion's acknowledged that they would indeed surrender. Fortune would have it for the Amalgamate Republic that their forces had stumbled upon Grand Scion Kuichi Bushida and the remnant of the 3rd Imperial Armada. Scion personnel were taken captive by the Celestial Assault Forces and their ships brought under the control of the 1st NBG. Many of the Scions appeared distraught, quiet, and disturbed. ARN & ARM personnel shrugged it off as the result of defeat, but the reality was far worse. The Grand Scion, notorious for his scorched earth campaign against the AR on Savannah was now under then ARN's custody. Fleet Admiral Darius Rex met with the Grand Scion in his private cell. He placed some food and drink in front of him, then spoke. "I am Fleet Admiral Darius Rex, Chief of the ARN. You are under my custody and protection...You should know that according to the Charter of Interstellar Peace and Stability signed by the United Nations in 2139, I could have you executed right now for your war crimes against the colonies." The Grand Scion kept a stoic face and his silence was deafening. Fleet Admiral Darius Rex saw this look before, he saw it on the other Scion captives, he was convinced they knew something he didn't. "My men are quite happy over this victory; But some information doesn't add up. You had total control over the sector. We hardly had the forces to perform effective hit-and-run attacks, let alone destroy 90% of your fleet. Tell me now, Bushida, where's the rest of the 3rd Imperial Armada, hiding somewhere are they? Tell me and maybe I won't have your men killed within the next five minutes," Rex stated. The Grand Scion stared down in shame, thinking of all the good men he had already lost, his duty was now to keep the rest of them alive. "Destroyed," Bushida replied with remorse. "Impossible...destroyed by what?" Rex replied with skepticism, yet he demanded to know. Bushida looked at Rex. "A force beyond your understanding. A primordial foe of humanity, older than time itself. I'm sorry Fleet Admiral, but you have sealed the fate of your people the moment you arrived here." "What are you talking about?" Rex replied. "The Archons, an interdimensional species far surpassing our own. Savannah has already fallen." Bushida responded. Darius Rex was taken aback, he simply starred at the defeated Grand Scion before him, concerned at the revelation. He had been briefed on the little which the AR had gathered on the SE' research into alien technology and artifacts. He contemplated whether or not he was telling the truth, or whether it was some ruse to get inside his head. But he doubted that a Grand Scion and such an experienced naval officer would make a mistake like separating himself from his fleet, and the sector was oddly quite after all. As Rex exited the cell, Bushida stated, "You will need my help if you want your colonies to survive." Rex stopped for a second, wondering what he meant by that, before replying, "Enjoy your meal." Rex then left the cell.

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