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2267, August 17th: Takeshi Handan, heir to Handan Enterprises and son to Mr. Handan, owner of Atlas Corporation, has had enough of the Scion Emperor. As his father continues to supply the Scions with Mercenaries and weapons, Takeshi fights an internal battle; To watch the freedom fighters of the Republic fall to the hands of Emperor and his father, or to stand and fight for what he believes in, liberty & prosperity. Taking his allotted fortunate massed from his family's wealth, Takeshi dissociates from his father, calling him instead a traitor to the clan, taking seasoned warriors and military ships with him, An entire fleet's worth. He challenges the Scion Emperor by taking up the title of Daimyo of the Handan family, independent from any government. Though his allies in the AR are far and few in between, Takeshi manages to contact Maximus Lanzo, the leader of the Solar Blood Hands who has wreaked havoc across the galaxy at the behest of the Overlord. They meet on Zeta Station, in one of many of Takeshi's nightclubs. If he wants to defeat the emperor, Takeshi believes he will need their help. In exchange for access to Firstborn technology, Takeshi will provide mercenary aid in their raids against the Scion Empire, hoping to destabilize them further. A shaky alliance built off necessity, to say the least - The Daimyo shall keep his distance, as he has heard the rumors of the Solar Blood Hands being a fanatic cult of demon worshippers.

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