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Cyrus Venmus

2267, August 21st: "My name is Cyrus Venmus...but you can call me Cy," said the man sitting in the chair. He wore a dimgrey suit and looked intently at the Warbot. "I worked with Dr. Sardis Vega, I helped him with the creation of Athena, and your software. It seems like someone planted a trojan virus within your programming; It took over your higher functions. However, it seems that in your injury, your cognitive processors were damaged, destroying the source of the digital inhibitor controlling you. I've replaced your processors; you should be in control again. How are you feeling CB-103?" The Warbot, although aware, struggled to remember; "I....I feel optimal...but I have no protocol, what is my purpose?" Cy sighed, "Yeah...I figured you'd have trouble with recall. It looks like you attempted to wipe your memory at some point, as your logs suggested. All I can say CB-103, is that you were sold to the Amalgamate Republic and attached to the 103rd Regiment of Militia. Give it time son, we'll get you sorted."

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