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The Codius Archives

2267, August 11th: "Gunn, Dorgan; We've been waiting for you. Where is the Specter?" the warbots of the Iron Enclave's Polar Phantoms inquired of the Commander. "He... didn't make it," he replied solemnly. "His sacrifice will be recorded in the annals of history. And Athena? Do you have her Commander?" the chief of the warbots, Vanguard Vector, asked. Dorgan Gunn displayed the titanium housing pod of Athena's Isolate Clone. "Well done, there is not much time Commander, come and follow us, the prophet awaits you," Vector said as they began to cross the ten-mile-long bridge to the core of the Codius Archives. As the warbots escorted the Commander, he couldn't help but marvel at the megalithic architecture of the Codius Archives, crafted millions of years ago by the hands of the Firstborn.

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