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Cosmic Field Theory

2267, August 28th: On a popular broadcasting network situated on Zeta Station called "Galaxy's Edge", show host Ms. Tarina Miles interviews Dr. Nebula. Dr. Nebula is a prominent physicist and the brain behind "cosmic field theory", a theory developed over the last 10 years. For over 20 years he has studied human civilization, the fall of the Earth Colonies Federation, rise of the Scion Empire, and emergence of the Amalgamate Republic. Using physics, observation of nature, statistics, human anthropology and cutting-edge quantum mechanics coupled with astronomy, Dr. Nebula developed Cosmic Field Theory; CFT states that the universe is much like a field. A field which contains prey and predator, except on a cosmic scale. Much like a prey uses camouflages to hide from a predator, so do prey civilizations. Likewise, as predators in the field are optimized to catch their prey, so are the predator civilizations in the universe. For many years Dr. Nebula was outspoken, being one of the few proponents of there being intelligent life in the universe. One of the reasons he believed humanity had not encountered them until recently was because they were hiding, hiding from something more powerful than them. He believes that just like humans fight over resources, the collective energy output of civilization is a genuine resource, therefore, interacting with smaller civilizations such as humanity, can endanger a civilization greater than humanity, but not greater than the predator. In that essence, the cosmic field is treacherous, where the game is survival. With the recent announcement by Prime Minister Taron Gerard of the Amalgamate Republic, disclosing extraterrestrial life, humanity has been shaken to its core. Many embrace the news of the Awakened, many others reject them entirely and see them as a threat to humanity. Dr. Nebula however is concerned about what part humanity has in the field. Who is the prey and who is the predator?

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