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Continuity of Government.

2267, September 6th: As funeral processions of the late Prime Minister Taron Gerard commence, fears of the end of the Republic come into the forefront of the public arena. Information spreads quickly, some sources claim a conspiracy against the Prime Minister by elements within the AR's government has taken place. Rumors begin to swirl that the almost mythological group known as SER was responsible; The phrase "shadow government" is repeated amongst interstellar news outlets, questioning who is really in control of the AR. Others believe it has nothing to do with a shadow government, but the revelations that the Prime Minister was directly involved in commissioning the nuclear terror attack and that he was simply killed off by the Emperor's "henchmen". Others state he was the target of a political assassination orchestrated by the Socialist Party. Either way, each possibility seemed frightening. Whatever the truth was, the AR's military complex required a new Commander-in-Chief. For this, AR high command had to follow the constitutional framework of the Amalgamate Republic, that had provisions of succession should a leader pass while in office. Next in the line of succession was Chief Pro Tempore of the Senate, George Williams, a member of the Independent Colonies Party. George Williams was known for his ideological innovations as a PHD professor at the University of Denov and a die-hard dissenter against the Scion Empire as a former member of the Independent Colonies Movement. During his tenure at the University of Denov, Williams developed the political and economic ideas of "Isocratic-Unification" theory. His republican ideals of liberty and sovereign autonomy over oneself garnered him much support across party lines. George Williams was inaugurated into his office of Interim Prime Minister at the steps of the Senate Hall. In his inauguration speech he declared that the Republic would continue to fight on for their independence and sovereignty.

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