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2267, September 2nd: Brandon Watts entered the clandestine meeting within the deepest levels of the Olympus Mons Colony. Determined to see Mars independent and free from the Scion Empire, he traded in his rifle from his time as a former SOF Scion Marine known as "Rinzler", in exchange for a seat at the table within the Martian political establishment. One of the few planets/jurisdictions within the Scion Empire state allotted self-autonomy. Born a Martian, Watts always had a predilection for the affairs of his planet. A sharp decline in prosperity due to the Scion Empire requiring resources from Mars such as exotic ores, to fuel the war machine against the AR, left the Martian people struggling. Some of the Martian's best individuals were recruited into the Scion Empire as a result of the war. Like many Watts's sentiment towards the Empire turned to one of disdain. However, the Martians didn't seek to establish a government like that of the Amalgamate Republic either, nor did they see them as potential allies. Where the ECF was a oligarchical kleptocracy, the Scion Empire an imperial autocracy, the AR a representative democracy, the Martians would strive to build a confederated Isocracy. The Martian vision that was growing within the inner circle of Governor Ryce's political allies was that of a humanity which was not governed by anyone, or any group, but a humanity that governed itself in the literal meaning. Every person would hold equal political power in this new future the Martians strived to build. From the very conception of Mars, the first human colony, equality and cooperation in a harsh world with scarce resources was the norm. Starting with Mars, the vision was to inspire all worlds and systems to be free under the rule of their own people. No dictator, no senators, no representatives, no one but themselves, no one but the people.

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