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2267, September 11th: "I'll be damned, are those Martian Commandos?!" a voice among the ECF troopers mutters, as the men clad in red hulking armor accompanied by a man wearing a suit disembark their G12 transport and approach the camp. Another nearby trooper of the ECF Viking Battalion replies, "Yeah, looks like it. Those guys are walking tanks. Rumor has it, they're better than anything the Scions or Republicans currently field, not even Scion Guard compare to them." "What makes them so damn powerful?" Another inquired. The same trooper answered the question. "Hell if I know, it's a state secret of Mars. One thing is for sure, their armor is the best." As the Commandos approached the camp, they were met by man with a dark complexion, a long aging beard, a man who was muscular, donned in the old marine armor, and decked with medals. SSD Warden Brandon Watts approached the man and greeted him with a smirk. "Governor General Horn, it is an honor to meet you." Governor General Horn took a deep pull from his cigar, and released the smoke from within his lungs. "Welcome to Ezutania, I've been expecting your arrival. So, that's him?" Horn said as he gestured to the young man among the Commandos." Watts nodded "That's him alright." Horn walked up to Elric and towered above him. Horn gave him a mean look, starring him down while he smoked his cigar. "Your sister destroyed our world...How do I know you won't try to do the same thing here," Horn said as he drew his face closer to Elrics, attempting to intimidate him. Khan however put his hand in between them and told Horn, "That's close enough. Elric is not like his sister." Elric replied, "I'm only here to help." Horn sensed the protectiveness from the Commando and laughed. "Relax, I am merely testing him, I want to know where his true loyalties lie. Brandon Watts interjected, trying to get back to the matter at hand, "And that's why we are here Horn, on behalf of the Governor of Mars, we are to help you, to join forces against this alien threat." Horn turned around to face Watts and shook his hand, "Excellent, then you are my honored guests here at Sweetwater Colony. Make yourselves at home, tonight we have a briefing, tomorrow we commence operations against these so called "Archons".

The members of the SSD followed the Governor General back to the Sweetwater Colony, along the way he mentioned that an Amalgamate Republic unit was stationed there and would participate in the join operation. Khan inquired which unit it was and to his surprise Horn said it was Disciple 2. The name was familiar, he had heard it before. That's when he remembered Dobri, the one who set him on the right path, to free himself from his own self destruction. It was Disciple 2 that recovered the body of the original Dorgan Gunn, when Khan killed him on Earth.

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