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Clearing the Lion's Den

2267, August 17th: The 13th Imperial Scarab Company pushed further into the ARMSCC with the help of the 27th Scion Marines. It was a long and grueling operation, cornering the enemy into their own graves, deep underground. The defenders were caught by surprise, no one had expected entry to be made so soon, especially not with the ongoing counterattack against the Third Scion Legion. Finally, the attackers made it to the heart of the Command Center where General TItus Millerand and Air Marshall Marco Santa Del Vigo were not to be found. AR high command had escaped, and they had rigged their station with explosives. The unfortunate victims of the 27th Scion Marines were buried in the blast, leaving the 13th ISC to push forward alone. They spent four nights underground, taking out the enemy's defense capabilities from within and disabling the AR's orbital ground defense lasers. On the 4th day they emerged onto the rocky ground of Savannah. The battle was mostly over as the AR forces routed from renewed orbital fire missions. Due to the heroic efforts of the 13th ISC, Grand Admiral Kuichi Bushida was able to halt the enemies counterattack and push forward into ARMSCC grounds. Captain. Daniel Dedrick was awarded the Scion Command Star for his courageous decision to lead his men into the lion's den without support, turning the tide of the Battle for Savannah in the favor of the Scion Empire. Although he was offered a promotion to Major, Dedrick refused, and instead wished to remain in command of his men as Captain of the 13th ISC.

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