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Chemical Weapons Attack

2267, September 5th: With Agent Red finalized and instructed to reclaim Artemis at any cost, Grand Scion Dmitri Sokolov gives the order to launch hypersonic missiles tipped with the chemical weapon across the planet. The warheads detonate at chosen locations where the chemical can bond with the moisture in the air, affecting local populations. Soon, the entire Palagia Forest is contaminated with the deadly agent, Killing man and wildlife alike. Both Colony Arthur and Hope Colony come into contact with the chemical. However, due to the brave actions of Disciple 2, the 5th Mobile Corps were forewarned about the impending use of the fatal chemical weapon. The 1st Air Cavalry Division, the air assault detachment of the 5th Mobile Corps, were tasked with evacuating as many colonists as possible via air transport to the Caverns of Myrrh. Unfortunately for the AR, many were unable to escape in time. The 7th Armor Division and 56th Regiment of Militia were wiped out along with several colonial outposts. With the last of the AR on Artemis holding out in the Caverns of Myrrh, the SE's 32nd Combined Arm's Force prepares to launch a massive assault against the survivors.

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