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Chasing Gunn

2267, August 17th: After learning from IDI operatives that an odd fluctuation of gravity waves was detected on Earth over Puerto Rico, Ghoul knew this had to be Gunn. The data he extracted from Sentient Specter made mention of attaining the location of a beacon, once Athena transcended. This beacon was said to have been on Earth. With this information, Ghoul pre-emptively position IDI assets to monitor Earth for any abnormal activity. With this lead, Ghoul believes Gunn was successful in carrying out Athena's Resurrections Protocol. With permission from the Emperor, Ghoul leaves his second in command, Lt. Carter of Omega Dawn, responsible for the rest of the clean-up operation on Ritov. Ghoul takes Void Reaper and heads to Earth, to hunt down Gunn and end it once and for all.

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