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2267, August 20th: Broadcasts across the galaxy interrupt their schedule programs to televise 24/7 coverage of the alien incursion on Vone. Humanity is shocked by the news of extraterrestrial life. Images of SE cities and military installations ablaze terrify onlookers. Blurry photos and videos make out the assailants, many are repulsed by the creatures who seemingly look horrifying; Others tremble at images displaying Scion Empire military personnel surrendering to the attackers. Orbital feeds display Vone burning from orbit as human settlements are engulfed in flames. 2Lt. Michael Hakim, who was scheduled to speak about the daring rescue of Air Marshall Santo Del Vigo, was shocked and mortified by the Emergency Broadcast Alert. The images of his burning home world were seared into his mind. Anger coursed through his veins; he was speechless. 2LT. Hakim stormed off the stage, as did many everywhere, as the sight of this dreadful news was much to bear.

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