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Bitter Rivals

2267, August 31st: Prior to the assembly of the Ancient Council, Shakaten Tuqolka meets his kin, Yargu Vak'un on the icey moon of Dur'Vanan, "Ashma". There Chief Elder Vak'un denounces Tuqolka, leader of the Katari Clan, as a traitor to the Orgur and the Lorm, for having interfered in human affairs, and above all, exposing the existence of the Orgur to the human race. Vak'un, one of the 7 Chief Elders and Judges accuses Tuqolka of rallying humans against the Orgur in his brazen assault against the Scion Empire. Furthermore, he states that their existence is now threatened, and that humanity must be reduced to their era of "of rocks and sticks", as they could now pose a threat to the Lorm. Vak'un urges nothing less than a complete annihilation of human civilization, in order to preserve the Lorm and Orgur race. However, Tuqolka delivers a rebuttal against his kin. He states that in his expedition into human space, he found them tampering with Firstborn technology, banished long ago by the Ancient Council; Hence why he invaded Vone. Tuqolka states that this unrestricted use of Firstborn technology have opened tears in space-time, allowing the Archons to break free from their prison. Furthermore, he states that humanity has found survivors of the Great Purge which happened millions of years ago, and that the bloodline of the Firstborn is once again alive. Tuqolka agrees that he has broken the Sacred Oath, but that the Sacred Oath was faulty. The Orgur could no longer remain invisible to humanity and the affairs of their civilization in the Galaxy. Tuqolka believes that if they sit and do nothing in Dur'Vanan as they have for hundreds of thousands of years, the Firstborn and Archons will return because of humanity. Therefore, he has promised to help the human rebellion known as the Amalgamate Republic, in order to undo the Scion Empire's folly. Vak'un displeased with Tuqolka, dismisses him in contempt and says, "The Lorm will decide your fate".

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