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Biometagenesis Transmutation

2267, August 11th: During the raid on the perimeter of the SE Ritov Maximum Security Prison, Disciple-2 discovers Dr. Lee Sarah's data log. Among it are vlog entries and notes on what appears to be an experimental biological program called the "Hercules Project". Dr. Lee Sarah: "Day 3, subject 051, mutation effect is irreversible, this is an unforeseeable result. Subject 051 no longer resembles anything human. Although the desired effect was not achieved, potential exists for a new type of biological weapon. Hopefully, Subject 052 will be the breakthrough; Col. Bjor Dechert of the Amalgamate Republic was captured during the battle for the Titan Fortress here on Ritov. He is in peak physical condition for his age and a viable specimen, I am optimistic."

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