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Battle of Sohtin

2267, August 23rd: The Battle of Sohtin is noted as one of the most brutal tank battles of the Scion Conflict. A battlefield stretching over 20 square miles, armored elements of the AR's 1st Mobile Corps and the SE's 8th Combined Arms Force duked it out in the scorching hot Desert of Sohtin. Hundreds of tanks are said to have been destroyed in the battle, especially in the epicenter of the battlefield where 39 tanks were destroyed in total. Although both sides suffered heavy losses, the SE managed to gain the upper hand by destroying slightly more enemy tanks. However, the AR compensated for it with the fact that they killed more enemy combat personnel overall. While the SE completed their objective of pushing through the armored lines of the AR, casualties inflicted set them back, but not by much. The SE can now move forward with their plan to seize Evacuation Zone Alpha from the AR to stop their plan of evacuating hundreds of thousands of civilians off Savannah.

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