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Battle of Gliese

2267, August 22nd: As the Battle of Gliese raged on, the ECF fleet 'Hammer of Gliese' suffered tremendous losses. The overwhelming power of the Archnoids tears through the ECF Mechanoid strike teams, allowing for the 1st Imperial Armada to bombard the ECF from a distance. Audrey Burns takes to her own Mechanoid, the Phoenix, and deploys from the Emerald Titan to confront the Archnoids in battle. The Governor General fights valiantly but is ultimately critically wounded fighting against Morning Star; But not before decimating the SE Mechanoid force. As she floats adrift in space, she watches the rest of the ECF fleet crumble under superior firepower, until a sudden halt in the fighting permeates the void. Balthazar's forces stop firing at the wavering ECF fleet. Aboard the S.E.S Imperator, Balthazar receives news of the alien incursion on Vone. The crushing report states that Vone has fallen. All garrisons have surrendered or have been wiped out; The planet is now under control of this hostile alien foe. Of receiving this news, Emperor Balthazar's rage was palpable to everyone in the command center. Admiral Plutarch and the Emperor's advisors wait in silence for the Emperor's next move. They're interrupted by a hailing frequency from the enemy fleet, Governor General Audrey Burns requested an audience with the Emperor; She wished to offer an unconditional surrender in order to save her people from destruction. Balthazar refuses their surrender. Admiral Plutarch urges the Emperor to reconsider, "My Liege, have mercy, we have won the battle." he said. But Balthazar would not listen, he went on a tirade of how the ECF brought this upon themselves before ordering Morning Star to unleash the Lance of Apollo, the true weapons of the Archnoids, found with them on Mars. Duntana armed Morning Star with the Lance of Apollo and fired at the planet from space. Exotic matter was shot from its bore at the speed of light.

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