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Battle for Savannah Rages On

The 13th Imperial Scarab Company in tandem with the 8th Mantis Company and the 27th Scion Marines battalion are tasked with destroying the Northeastern most Orbital Defense Cannon of the Amalgamate Republic Savannah Command Center. Defended by the 199th Regiment of Militia and other elements of the ARM, a brutal confrontation was inevitable. Hundreds of soldiers on both sides clashed for control of the perimeter surrounding the ODC, until finally the Scions broke through and secured FOB Oscar. After having secured the FOB, they destroyed the Anti-Tank Turret sites defending the ODC, allowing the 8th Mantis Company to advanced and fire on the cannon. Eventually with enough fire power from the mantis tanks, the cannon was destroyed, allowing the Third Imperial Armada to tactically retreat to a more secure position away from the concentration of the Northeastern ODC. While the Amalgamate Republic counter-offensive continues, the bold action of the aforementioned units of the Third Imperial Legion saved countless lives of fellow Scion personnel in orbit.

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