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Battle for New Chalcedon

2267, September 13th: On the horizon, zealous Al-Sahim defenders of New Chalcedon spot the rising clouds of dust, signifying the approach of the Scion Empire armies. From the high rises of the city, they begin to fire their emplaced weapons at the direction of the enemy, but soon the the city is enveloped. The 31st Mechanoid Company rushes over the dunes, with the 3rd Conscript Division close behind. Together, they make quick work of commandeered SE vehicles crewed by Al-Sahim fighters entrenched around the city. Al-sahim militants engaging their enemy from buildings quickly give their positions to the 12th Mantis Company, who retaliate with hunter-killer drone rounds. The rounds penetrate the concrete high rises and release swarms of spherical drones, which identify and rush the Al-Sahim combatants before self-destructing and releasing fragmentation on their targets. As the ground forces closes in on New Chacedon, special forces, Asgard Interstellar and the 10th Spaceborne Scion Guard rendezvoused at the Unity Temple of New Chalcedon for a joint operation to catch or kill Aziz Melek, codename "Wild Rabbit". Days of intelligence gathering operations have allowed Asgard to identify the location of Melek, who was using the New Chalcedon Spaceport as his HQ within the city. Using their jump-jets, Asgard and the 10th SBSG vault from building to building, to get closer to the spaceport. Once there, multiple airstrikes were coordinated to soften the defenses of the HQ, together Asgard and the 10th SBSG held wave after wave of loyal Al-Sahim fighters, seeking to protect the self-proclaimed Mahdi and Sultan of Vone. It was not long until the main SE ground force busted through the gates of the city, with the 31st Mechanoid Company and 3rd Conscript Division leading the way. Thalia's Finest soon found themselves embroiled in a deadly urban fight against the unrelenting Al-Sahim militants, who resorted to suicide tactics to destroy several Mechanoids. By this time, Asgard and the 10th SBSG were well within the bowls of the New Chalcedon Spaceport, searching for Wild Rabbit. In Terminal 10B, beside the control tower, they found a well defended set of composite steel doors and a hardened bunker. If Aziz was anywhere, this is where he would be. Recognizing the doors were too strong to break down with explosives, they requested assistance from units of the 31st Mechanoid Company, callsign "Stomper" responded. Escorted by elements of the 3rd Conscript Division, they fought tooth and nail to get Stomper to its destination. Although the Scion Empire had the advantage, fighting an enemy that did not fear death, but embraced it as a weapon, was demoralizing. Most Scion's by the time they were within the city already wished to get out, it was hell. Now at the fortified terminal, Asgard and the 10th SBSG cleared the way for Stomper, who used the mechanical arms of his Mechanoid to tear down the giant doors. As the doors slammed to the ground, the foundations shook. When the dust cleared, there they were, over a hundred of Melek's best fighters, and the man himself in the middle. Stomper stomped his way into the HQ, his gatling gun spun, ready to fire, as he aimed at the Al-Sahim. Close behind him, Asgard and the 10th SBSG filled the room and soon surrounded Melek and his fighters. Melek knew why they were there. He was defeated, swifter and sooner than he thought. His hubris led him to believe the Scion Empire was too weak and outstretched to respond, but he was wrong. Melek raised his hand, gesturing with a wave that his fighters should lower their weapons and stand down. Urged by the 10th SBSG commanding officer, Melek was forced to order the Al-Sahim to stand down across Vone. Melek would go into Imperial custody and the Al-Sahim would be spared from annihilation. The victory at the Battle of New Chalcedon was decisive, now it was up to the Emperor to decide what to do with Melek and his Al-Sahim.

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