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Avonia Under Siege

2267, September 9th: Bogged down at the contact line, the 10th Mobile Corps meets heavy Shari Clan resistance. The occupation forces have mostly overrun Avonia with the city's security forces falling rapidly. With a blizzard beginning to set it in, the temperatures reach -30 degrees Celsius. Because of the adverse weather, Shari Clan air vehicles seem to have lessened their patrols, leaving mostly Shari Clan ground forces to capture Avonia. The 10th Mobile Corps in response brings some of their armor to the contact line and digs them in within range of the colony, approximately by a mile. However, due to the anticipated high volume of trapped civilians still within the perimeter of Avonia, the 79th Regiment of Militia volunteers to conduct a search and rescue operation behind enemy lines, as many of the members had family there. Accompanied by S.E.R Agents, the 79th RoM manages to sneak past several Shari Clan patrols on the outskirts of the colony. Soon they reach the massive wind breaker walls protecting it. Using grappling hooks, they climb up top, and rappel over. They move swiftly through the snow-covered streets of Avonia, witnessing the raw carnage and wake of death left by the Shari. Col. Smith of the 79th RoM passes by the corpse of a child with a gaping chest wound from an Orgur balast bomb; His lifeless corpse frozen over by the bone-chilling cold. One after one, the 79th RoM finds little signs of life, many were unfortunate and lay dead in the Icey streets. However, as they drew closer to the central plaza of the colony, they were contacted by survivors of the Avonia Police Department, who informed them that many colonists had taken shelter in the thermal ducts below the city, along with the Mayor of Avonia. Pressed on time and with the Shari beginning to become aware of their presence, the 79th Regiment of Militia proceeds to rendezvous with the officers of the APD in order to evacuate the party of surviving colonists.

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