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Avonia Under Siege

2267, September 8th: Word spreads quickly throughout the ARM, ARN, and ARAF. It is confirmed that Avonia on Joss is under heavy attack by an unknown Orgur force. The Katari Clan liaisons provided to the SER by Shakaten Tuqolka are placed under arrest until answers are given by Tuqolka himself. Much confusion arrises as to why an Orgur force is attacking an AR colony, since the Orgur claimed to be allies of humanity. As the colony is under heavy bombardment from the Shari clan fleet "Era Zel", the AR's 10th Mobile Corps, specially trained on Joss for winter warfare, prepare a QRF to relieve the besieged colony. Avonia, with a population of just under 200,000, is one of the largest colonies on Joss. Men, women, and children live there, who are mostly researchers and scientists working for AR. As the AR force prepares to move out, they come under fire from Shari clan recon elements; A brutal skirmish erupts in the snow-covered forests just south of Avonia.

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