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Atlas Corporation Defeated

2267, September 8th: From Fort Anderson, a large cloud of dust can be seen rising on the horizon. Atlas Corporation scouts confirm a swarm of armed technical's converging on the Fort from all directions. The facilities automated defense cannons spring to life, firing 3000 rounds per minute. Payton Tobias, who is overseeing AC operations from the fort, activates the newly arrived warbots. The alarm bells blare allowed as the AC mercenaries scramble to defensive combat positions. Without warning a lone MLRS system bearing the flag of the Al-Sahim breaches the front gate, killing over a dozen mercenaries; Rockets are fired within the compound. A breach in the defensive walls is created and soon Al-Saheim fighters pour in from the eastern wall. They rush the AC positions and give themselves to martyrdom, setting off blasts that destroy critical infrastructure in the Fort. Panicked, Payton Tobias barricades himself within the command center along with several Gen 2 Warbots; But it is of no avail as the Al-Sahim destroy his security force. Under a hail of gunship fire, the Al-Sahim cease their raid on the Fort and exfil with Payton Tobias and several other prisoners. A live-video broadcasted by the Al-Sahim shows Payton Tobias and an Atlas Corporation mercenary Captain kneeling and at the mercy of the Al-Sahim. A warning is given to the Atlas Corporation, that if the AC do not withdraw from Vone, the surviving POW "infidels" will be given the death penalty and the jihad against them will become widespread.

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