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Athena Destroyed

2267, June 21st: A strike team of IDI Agents boarded the secret AR installation on Kujan 31 backed by the 3rd & 8th Battle Cruiser Group. As they fought their way through the facility, they encountered some of the stiffest resistance in the form of heavily armed TII-Warbots. After several hours of heavy close quarters combat, they managed to secure the atrium housing the AR's Athena Command Neural Core. One of the IDI, Agent "Dragon", downloaded what he could from Athena's memory drives, before arming a portable thermonuclear device. Only a handful of IDI agents made it out of the asteroid by commandeering a shuttle, while the rest made a valiant sacrifice to cover their escape from advancing AR QRF. As the survivors departed, they could see Kujan 31 violently explode from the nuclear detonation. The sacrifice of the fallen on this crucial mission for humanity & the empire will not be forgotten. (edited)

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