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Assembly of the Ancient Council

2267, August 27th: High in orbit above Vone and her parent Gas Giant "Ursa Major", Katari Chief Elder "Shakaten Tuqolka" learns troubling news. His older kin, Chief Elder "Yargu Vak'un", head of the Shari Clan, has ordered Tuqolka and his fleet, Sha'tas Mira, to return to their homeworld, Dur' Vanan. Accused of breaking the Sacred Oath and putting at risk the Ancient One, the Lorm, the mother, in his venture of intervention with Humanity. Yargu Vak'un has requested the assembly of the Ancient Council, an order which Katari Clan cannot ignore. As the ground forces of the Katari began to withdraw from Vone, the Orgur fleet, Sha'tas Mira prepares for its departure to their homeworld. There, Shakaten will face his brother Yargu, a strict adherent of Orgur supremacy, and explain his actions among all the Chief Elders of the Awakened, in the presence of the Lorm. Despite this, Shakaten will not relinquish his promise to help the Amalgamate Republic against the Scion Empire, and thus has left some of his best fighters under the command of the S.E.R.

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