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Asgard Interstellar

2267, September 10th: Asgard Interstellar Defense Corporation receives their biggest contract yet. Moving up from small time defense gigs, they've been commissioned by the Grand Scions Joint Command to gather intel in preparation of a Scion Empire task force which will soon deploy on Vone with the mission of rescuing AC Board member Payton Tobias and eliminating Azis Melek. Asgard's objective is to round up key known individuals within the Al-Saheim and get them to talk. The GSJC hopes Asgard can get someone to give up Aziz Melek himself and the location of Tobias. Asgard has been given the green light to use as much force necessary including torture methods to extract the information the GSJC is seeking. If they do their job well, the SE might be able to save Tobias and find Melek, to put down the "Mahdi" claimant before his power grows out of control.

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