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The Dominion Incident

2775, September 16th: Dr. Hitchins and Agent Karov transport subject "7A-3" nicknamed "Duntana", the female human hybrid discovered on the moon of Biri Z6X, to the Emperor on Scion Prime. However, in route their vessel the S.E.S Dominion experience a abnormal malfunction. An unidentified orb of what appeared to be ionized-gas enveloped the Dominion in an energy field. At this time, the subject Duntana appeared to glow - What proceeded can only be described as an inter-dimensional doorway through time and space. Dr. Hitchins and Agent Karov reported witnessing events foreign to their knowledge of galactic history through this doorway. Once the phenomenon ceased and the S.E.S Dominion docked on Scion Prime, Dr. Hitchins made a formal report labeled "The Dominion Incident" in which he described the event as a "celestial visitation from a higher power" providing them with a glimpse of the future.

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