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Archon Contingency

2267, August 27th: Emperor Balthazar learns from Admiral Plutarch that both 3rd Imperial Armada has fallen out of communication in the Savannah sector. How over fifty ships, with some of the most heavily armed cruisers in the galaxy could suddenly vanish, baffles them both. Plutarch suggests the Awakened are responsible, but the Emperor is not so convinced... As he stands there pondering how this could've happened, a cold shiver runs down his spine. For years his research has led him to discover the truth about the Firstborn and their interdimensional overlords simply known as the "Archons", who several million years ago had enslaved humanity and reduced them to pawns for their own pleasure... And then he remembered the prophecy given to him over 20 years ago. "Plutarch, brother, it appears our true enemy has finally arrived. This is the moment we have been waiting for. Sound the call to our brothers, we regroup at Scion Prime." And with these orders, the 1st Imperial Armada proceeded to warp jump back to the Scion home world, leaving the orbit of the dead planet, Gliese.

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