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Archnoid Intervention

2267, August 8th (11:30 AM) Elric and Duntana face off against the last wave of ECF forces attempting to enter the central hub of the Economic District. With the aid of the Scion Guard and SPMMP. Archnoid's Morning Star and Archangel engage in a duel with the Kazuma (Terran Martyr 1-1 , a legendary Mechanoid pilot), resulting in Duntana being gravely injured. Elric make's a split second decision to body slam Kazuma with Archangel into a high altitude death grapple. Archangel pierces the power core of Terran Martyr 1-1, unleashing a nuclear blast high above the Economic District. Kazuma is vaporized in the blast, while Elric survives the thermonuclear burst through the Archnoid's etheric shield system. After free falling from nearly 10,000 ft, Archangel crashes into the ocean. Elric is later recovered by the Imperial Scion Guard and found to be unconscious. The attack on Scion Prime ends. The central hub of the Economic District was saved, however, hundreds of thousands still perished in the first nuclear blast, including major corporate figures, Imperial Court Members, and market systems.

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