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Ancient Ruins

2267, August 19th: A full day of aerial reconnaissance yielded a digital/heat signature emanating from the open canopy of a previously unknown pyramid ruin. Ghoul and his operatives of Omega Dawn approached the ancient structure which was entombed by the jungle flora of Puerto Rico. The entrance was open and as they entered the pyramid, they found in front of them laying on the floor, an abandoned Sentinel helmet (the source of the signature); Worn by Commandos of the Amalgamate Republic. Ghoul knew it belonged to Gunn; he was on the right track. Strange crystal-like structures filled the chamber, emanating light, and producing obvious electromagnetic effects, causing their equipment to malfunction the closer they drew towards them. They documented this evidence as well as the hieroglyphics carved all within the pyramid, similar to those of other Mesoamerican cultures. A dark winding shaft led down into the Earth; With nowhere else to go, this is most likely where Gunn went. Ghoul soon began to feel the nature of this pyramid was foreign, almost alien. The crystals were like nothing known to mankind. Whatever fate may have transpired to Gunn became second to Ghoul, discovering the true purpose of this place became his priority, one that may be linked to the Firstborn.

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