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An Offer He Can't Refuse

2267, August 31st: As Ghoul waits for his extradition to Scion Prime at the MDF HQ in Olympus Mons, he receives an unexpected visitor. Governor of Mars, Bolton Ryce, enters the interview room. Ryce leans against the table and stares Ghoul straight in the eye. Ghoul breaks the silence, he says "I can't imagine whatever you need from me, won't exactly be good for my health", followed by a chuckle. Governor Ryce smirks, and replies "To be blunt Ghoul, I don't fancy the Scions quite much either. I don't blame you for going AWOL. So, here's my proposition. We fake your death." Ghoul, amused and surprised asks "You'd risk lying to the Emperor? I'm waiting for the catch..." "For the last twenty years, the Scion Empire has taken the best of us Martians, and recruited them into their Imperial war machine. I've lost good talent over the years to the Emperor. You're a Martian Ghoul, Mars is in your blood. You were one of the Emperor's best; Your record, well... it's remarkable. I need you fighting for Mars, not the Emperor nor his crumbling empire," Ryce exclaimed with patriotic passion. Ryce sighed, and continued, "I've been around a lot longer than you Ghoul, I've seen kingdoms come and go like morning mist. I see the same cracks in the Scion Empire that I saw forming in the Earth Colonies Federation twenty years ago. All that matters is Mars and her people. Our ancestors were the first human colonists, the toughest Terrans, born into a world of iron and rust. I need your help Ghoul, I need your expertise, to protect Mars.." Ghoul sat in silence for a good twenty seconds. He was tired of war and simply wanted to return home to the only family he had left, his cousin Sasha. But he had no other choice; The alternative was a Scion military tribunal and possibly, death. "Alright, I'm in", Ghoul replied hesitantly. Ryce grinned and shook Ghoul's hand, "Smart choice son. Here's your new ID, your facial reconstruction surgery starts in an hour."

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