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Alien Tombs

2267, June 18th: On the moon of Biri Z6X, Duntana, Cosmonauts & Scientists of the Enlightenment Union - An independent group of academics and professionals, have made a ground breaking discovery. Shortly after the nuclear weapons detonated on Mara 9, a series of signals emanated from the surface of Duntana. It was entirely missed by most astronomers due to the signal appearing like natural radio wave phenomenon until a scientist by the name of Lynda Cheng from the Union decrypted the signal. A team was dispatched to the planet where they discovered "ancient" artifacts that appear to be of "non-human" origin. What's more, the team believes some of these artifacts may be technological sarcophagus's of some sort - as MRI imaging produces the faint shape of something "anthropomorphic" inside. They have forwarded this information to the AR, which has dispatched a team to secure the Cargo. However, SE spies have intercepted the communique. As a result the SE has deployed a task force to secure the artifacts before the AR can. After fierce fighting on the surface of Duntana, SE forces secured 3 of the 2 Sarcophogus's. What they found inside one of them will change history...

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