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Abaddon the Destroyer

2267, August 26th: In the Savannah system, by the Gas giant "Hades", an anomaly is detected. Gravitational sensor readings are off the charts; Scion Empire vessels patrolling the sector go dark. The 3rd Scion Legion loses contact with the 2nd & 3rd Imperial Armada. SE ground forces across Savannah are in a state of disarray and confusion. Within an hour, major cities lose power; Equipment and communications are jammed as lighting storms begin to engulf the colony. From the sky, a swarm of dreadful geometric craft descend menacingly over Scion Empire and remaining Amalgamate Republic positions. Onlookers are paralyzed as the conduits move into position, and at one hour they all strike. Entire cities are vaporized, humans go mad, drawn into a frenzy of carnage; Insanity takes hold of the mind, apparitions tear and claw at the mind. Only the strong can resist them; These survivors, these strong willed, band together for what will be their final moments. On this day, there was no Scion Empire, there was no Amalgamate Republic, there was only humanity and the gaping pits of hell waiting to swallow them. Abaddon and his Archons, have arrived...

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