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Abaddon's Wrath Kindled

2267, September 10th: "You fool!" Abaddon shouted in dismay, surrounded by his Archons. His wrath poured out onto Maximus Lanzo whos soul in the 4th dimension, was summoned by his Masters. "I charged you with building me an army! Yet your thousands were defeated by a handful? Do you not understand the gravity of your folly!?" Abaddon shouted, his voice groaning deeper into lower octaves, shattering the very core of Lanzo's soul. "Hyliax, my loyal servant has been destroyed because of your negligence! How could you let them near my chariots! How could you let them enter and destroy the precious element which permits our coming!? Abaddon was referring to Hyliax the Greater Archon who attempted to stop Disciple 2 from detonating the nuke aboard his Conduit. Manifesting within the material realm while a tethered Conduit is destroyed, permanently severs the Archon's soul from returning to the 4th dimension, annihilating it were it stands. "Mercy my Lord! Mercy!", Lanzo begged of Abaddon. "There is no mercy that can undo your mistake...Now, I will take what is mine," Abaddon said sinisterly. At that moment, Maximus Lanzo felt his soul being sucked into the mind of the Archon, pulled into an eternal spiral downwards into a place of utter darkness. His screams echoed as Abaddon collected his soul. In the material dimension, Lanzo's body convulsed uncontrollably as he lay in his chambers. The Sorceress, Himiko Tatsumoto, watches as his soul is snatched from his body. She knows what this means, Lanzo has been condemned to death by the Overlords for his failure. Command of the Solar Blood Hands now falls on her lap. She kneels before the presence of the Overlords and commits to serve them as the new leader of their campaign. "My Lords, I will build you an army worthy of conquering Scion Prime, this I swear." Abaddon's voice whispers, "See to it that you do not repeat his mistake..."

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