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Abaddon's Declaration

2267, August 26th: A curtain of darkness enshrouds Savannah from the light of the universe. The Archonic forces of old, spoken of in legends and myth have returned to once again enslave humanity as their underlings. Millions of Archonic Conduits and Acolyte drones swarm the planet, liquidating the resistance and corrupting the minds of the feeble. Droves of human thralls succumb to the sinister influence of Abaddon as they abandoned their humanity and faiths to serve the "Overlord". The Solar Blood Hands arrive to assist their masters, rooting out the infidels and forcing the conversion of thousands; They recite to many, " The worshipful master, the Overlord, Abaddon; He requires your soul, serve him or die". Most submit, the few who refuse...become the "Flayed Ones".

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