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A Vision of Christ

2246, December 25th [FLASHBACK]: A year after the Battle for Terra, the Sol System faced a crisis. The Plutonian's which were originally liberated by the Scion's, fomented an insurrection which saw the arrival of ECF reinforcements loyal to the Council, with the express goal of capturing Mars. This brief insurrection was later known as the Winter War as it was primarily fought in the month of December and on cold planets like Pluto, Europa, and Mars. The battered Scion's of Earth were still routing out the last ECF holdouts across the galaxy and thus it was up to Mars and small Scion contingents to defend the sol system. The brief continuation of the war did not last long but saw a ferocious battle on Mars in the region of Cydonia. It's estimated that up to 236,480 were killed collectively. Before the battle, MDF General Don Regulus and his men received a holy visitation of the Christian God, Jesus Christ and his angels. Instructed to paint the sigil of the Lord's cross upon their armors to attain victory over their enemies, the men promptly followed the Lord's council. As quickly as the Lord came, he went. The next day the original members of the 1st Commando Battalion, entered the battle with the Cross of Christ on their armors. Not a single man of the unit perished, and it is said that each man killed 100 men of the enemy. This group of men is credited for destroying the ECF army single handedly, although the fact is they had help from MDF troopers. Only 10% of the deaths of that battle belonged to Mars, the rest were ECF and Plutonian invaders which perished. Shortly after the Emperor arrived to the Sol System and subjugated the Plutonians, putting their rebel Governor to death, and installing a new leader. As a result of the Battle of Cydonia, the Sol Sytem did not fall, and the MDF went on to Europa and Pluto to aid the Emperor. Those men who saw Christ would later be known as the Knights of the Order of the Mons Templare. The men of the Order of the Mons Templare would become legend and myth-like as their deeds were miraculous. They would go down in history as the "Knights of Cydonia" or the "Cydonian Knights" which wasted the armies of the corrupted ECF council on the battlefields of Mars.

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