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A Terrifying Broadcast

2267, September 1st: A survey team from the Frontier Expeditionary Pioneers on Ezutania broadcasts exclusive live images of what appears to be an alien structure of non-human origin to the Denov Prime Time show. Onlookers are perplexed and baffled by the pyramid like structure. As the team tries to approach it for a closer look, lightning begins to arc from the object. A static film engulfs the broadcast and strange letters begin to appear. The logo of the Denov Prime Time Show disappears to display a dark alien symbol. Horrified, viewers see the face of the reporter, Lisa Alban, morph and decay in real time, as her flesh peels off her bones to reveal her skull. In front of the team, a ghostly apparition cloaked in shadow ominously draws closer, then the broadcasts abruptly ends. Shocked and confused, the Denov Prime Time show cuts to commercials, before they return with news from the ARM that the video was actually doctored and faked by pranksters on Denov who had hijacked the broadcast. The Anchors return to the programmed schedule and play it off as if it never happened. However, those who saw the broadcast cannot shake what they saw out of their minds, the images were seared into the very core of their souls. Something begins to take hold of their minds; Fear, death, anxiety, darkness.

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