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A Princess Marooned

2267, September 1st [Flashback]: Drifting alone in the husk of her destroyed Mechanoid, Governor General Audrey Burns hangs in the void of the space-time continuum. For a week, she has been marooned, slowly leaving the orbit of what was once her principality, Gliese. The memory was still fresh in her mind, the dreadful weapon fired, and in a flash the ECF derelict world was destroyed; The echo of a thousand souls screaming, haunted her dreams night after night. The cockpit of the Mechanoid was damp and cold, her life support systems were slowly failing. She regretted the day she agreed to strike Scion Prime...the true power of the Scion Empire was beyond her predictions. "A planet killer..." she said, chuckling and fighting back tears. Burns lost her entire fleet, thousands under her command. She simply wanted to avenge her father, Council member Robert Darce. She believed that if she confronted the enemy head on with bravery, they might have a chance to redeem the honor of the ECF and defeat the enemy in battle. But her poor tactical decisions to stand toe to toe with the Emperor left her and her people in ruin. As her vision faded to black once again, she entered a deep state of unconsciousness, soon she would succumb to the lack of oxygen. Yet, she regained her awareness and awoke aboard a scavenger vessel belonging to pirates, seeking to make a quick buck from the debris of the epic battle. She was in chains, tied to a post within a cell. A rather large and obese man holding a pipe used it to raise her chin. He gave her a sinister gaze, his eyes filled with lust. He motioned the pipe to try to pry open her EVA suit. Another man entered the cell, the captain of the ship. "She's awake cap, bout time we had our fun, eh?" The obese man said as he put his hands on Audrey. Then the Captain said, "Take it easy on her, this one here is royalty, she'll fetch a pretty penny, so leave her intact Grub." The fat pirate giggled "Aye aye boss, no broken bones."

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