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A Plan In Motion

2267, September 8th: "I've received your report Carlson", the Man in the Red Mask said as he spoke into the quantum holo-terminal. "Everything is going as planned. Now that Disciple 88 has possession of Governor Hall, we can proceed with phase two. I will arrange the private audience of Hall with the Emperor for next week's Imperial District Parade. Once your men arrive with Hall on Scion Prime, my operatives will clear your men for access to the Imperial Palace and courtyard. All floor plans and security measures have been forwarded to you, ensure that your men receive them in a timely manner." The Man in the Red Mask laughed maniacally, "It's a damn fine plan Carlson and I've been saving my best vintage Cuban Cigars for our victory." Back on Thalia, Disciple 88 destroys and buries any trace of their equipment and armor. Having donned the Imperial Scion Guard armor as a disguise and relayed fake ID by Admiral Carlson, they prepare Governor Hall's private interstellar liner yatch for travel to Scion Prime. A few members of Disciple 88 rendezvoused with the extraction team to take Hall's wife and children back to a secure location. Hall has been repeatedly warned by Cpt. De La Guardia that if he "fucks up" at any point his family will be "carved up into pieces" and "dumped into the vacuum of space." With the sham audience to lure the Emperor scheduled, Disicple 88 departs from Thalia with a fully compliant Governor Hall. (edited)

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