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A New Purge Begins

2267, September 11th: "Oh my god..." a voice uttered amidst the Republic militia members patrolling Colony Matria, the largest human settlement on Joss, a bustling city filled with life, on an otherwise barren world. Piercing through the clouds came hurling down from space a harbinger of death and destruction. Its flame and bright light engulfed the sky, blinding whosoever dared to gaze upon it. Its imminent contact with the surface was preceded by magnanimous sounds like thunder and cracking, which shook the ground itself. Screams of terror filled the city. The militia dropped to their knees witnessing the coming end as the flames and smoke of the destroyer unfurled before it finally smashed into the world, vaporizing all life within a 500-mile radius. Simultaneously, Shakaten and his fleet arrive within the Joss Sector, detecting multiple impacts on Joss. Like a christmas tree, the planet is lit, signaling numerous splashes on or near human settlements. Yargu's purge of human civilization had begun. Major General Girda gazes in horror as the Shatas Mira fleet draws closer to Joss. From his flagship, the Ruk, Yargu watches, pleased as Joss is bombarded by his "celestial stones" which his fleet the Era Zel, had released onto the world. One by one, human settlements are wiped from existence, but the process is far from done. From his commanding chair, Shakaten ordered his fleet to prepare for battle and to arm the ballast cannons, it was the first time in all of Orgur history that the clans would go to blows against one another. But for humanity, Shakaten deemed it necessary. Shakaten informed Major General Gidra, and thus he gave the order to the last of the 5th Mobile Corps to prepare for boarding action combat. As Joss was bombarded with asteroids, Yargu was alerted of the impending attack from the Katari clan fleet. There was much confusion among the Shari, voices asking, "From where did they come?" and "Are they fools to attack us?" Angered by what he felt was the treachery of his brother, Yargu stood from his seat, and ordered his fleet to turn around, to face the oncoming fleet of Shatas Mira. For now, the bombardment of Joss was halted, with Avonia being minutes away from annihilation. Face to face, the Shatas Mira fleet and the Era Zel fleet drift towards one another in the darkness of space, like two forces of nature, light and darkness, in a dance of death. Mere moments away from battle, Shakaten and his kin Yargu meet again and will resolve their dispute through blood.

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