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A Final Oorah!

2267, September 11th: All was quiet aboard Governor Halls personal starship, which Disciple 88 had commandeered for the mission. Cpt. De La Guardia removed his helmet and a gush of cool air from his armor's internal pressurization system creeped up his neck. Pausing for a moment, he examined the helmet, knowing the mission ahead would be his last. Using hacked Wasp armor, the Sentinel's bypassed the biometric safeguards protecting it, allowing them to don the armor of the Imperial Scion Guard. At the helm of the ship WO1. Tyler alerts the team on comms "We're entering Scion Prime's orbital security zone now, should I activate the transponder?" "Do it" Cpt. De La Guardia ordered over comms. The Thalian Pride Star Yatch activated its transponder, relaying an clearance code to a nearby security satellite. Access was granted, and the flight path was uploaded to the bridge of the ship. The computer system read "Re-entry initialized, Docking at the Imperial District Star Port." "We're in" Tyler notified De La Guardia. The stress on the ship was palpable, sweat poured down their faces. "This is it boys, there's no turning back. You all know what we came here to do, and I damn proud I have the baddest and meanest motherfuckers for the job." Cpt. De La Guardia paced in circles as he briefed his men donning the Imperial Scion Guard armor, they were ready to infiltrate the Palace of the Emperor himself. De La Guardia handed ID devices to each member of Disciple 88. Put these on the socket above your left pec plate. They will authorize your movement at security checkpoints within the Imperial District and on the Palace. Remember, we are Governor Halls guards, remember the identity, history, and details of the lives of the men whom which you are replacing. De La Guardia looked at Governor Hall who was sitting compliantly on a chair. Using a personal quantum holo device, De La Guardia reminded Hall what was at stake for him. Images showed his wife and children at gun point, gagged, and sobbing. "Listen here, Hall. If you so much as utter a single word against us, I guarantee you, my men will not hesitate to slaughter your entire family, starting with your daughter. Do. You. Understand." Hall horrified, agreed without delay, "I swear, I won't say anything, just don't hurt my family, I'll do whatever you say." "Good", the Captain replied. "We still have a few days till the parade. Until then you will have us with you at all times. As soon as we land on Scion Prime, you are to request a private audience with the Emperor during the Imperial District Parade. "Y-..Yes" Hall assured De La Guardia. Disciple 88 prepared for landing, strapped to chairs within the cargo bay of the star ship, they could see from the windows the heat and flames from re-entry. As the ship descended, soon they saw the megalithic structures of Scion prime and a vast sprawling city, like none they had ever seen, beneath the clouds. Cpt. De La Guardia put on the Scion Wasp helmet and looked to his men. "This is it. Kira, Lars, you'll be with me, we'll handle the Governor. Richard, Boris, get a head start on scouting the Palace and the Governor's guest room. Alan, Katrina, get to the vantage point asap, I want to know the visibility and elevation of our shot. This is for the Republic, this is for Taron Gerard, this is for Artemis, for Savannah. Disciple 88, lock and load!" The members of Disciple 88 let out a resounding and final, "Oorah!"

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