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A Deadly Leak

2267, August 24th [FLASHBACK]: During the orchestrated transfer of potential recruits from the ARM on Artemis into the SER; Disciple 2, the squad tasked with retrieving the new operatives, were subsequently ambushed on Artemis. The 3rd Conscript Division assembled a force of about five hundred men, supported by several armored units. Disciple 2, along with the members of the 1st Air Cavalry division were trapped at the T3 Mining Quarry within the Palagaia Forest. Chief Admiral Carlson ordered the deployment of 1 M2-Defender Class Mechanoid and 1 Strikebat Bomber in order to help the Disciple team break free from the kill zone; These assets prove crucial in destroying several armored SE assets and personnel. The Mechanoid pilot, Lt. Brock Turner was killed, while Cpt. Kelly Thomson was shot down and captured by Scion Forces. Despite the loss of the Mechanoid and Strikebat Bomber, the battle was an overwhelming victory for the AR, as they managed to kill over 400+ Scion Conscripts (while maintaining minimal casualties), a force 20 times the size of the defending ARM fighters at the T3 Mining Quarry. Disciple 2 and the surviving ARM fighters ultimately escaped via a waterborne extraction provided by the ARN.

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