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A Claim On Vone

2267, September 12th: As news of the attack on Joss by the Orugr spreads throughout the dominion of mankind, much confusion begins to develop. Among social and official outlets, particularly in the realm of the frontier, Amalgamate Republic citizens clamor to understand why the Orgur had betrayed them and attacked humanity. Numerous theories emerge, the most popular, that the Orgur had deceived the Republic in order to catch them by surprise; And that they were beginning to lay waste to Joss as they begun to on Vone. However, the office of the new Prime Minister, George Williams, put out an official statement noting that it was a "developing situation" with not all the facts completely available. On Vone, Aziz Melek and the Al-Sahim take advantage of the recent developments on Joss. Over the last several weeks, the power of the Al-Sahim has been unmatched, as trillions of qubits worth of equipment are seized by Al-Sahim militants and hundreds of thousands join their ranks. Tanks, trucks, aircraft, weapons, armor, the entire Scion Empire arsenal as well as equipment left behind by the defeated Atlas Corporation, who came to blows with the Al-Sahim in the area. With his newfound power, title of "Mahdi", and riches, Aziz Melek stakes his claim on Vone and attempts to amplify his cause, by addressing the events on Joss. On a televised broadcast, quantumly transmitted throughout the cosmos, Aziz Melek appears front and center upon the sands of Vone, with a rebuilt New Chalcedon and a brand-new army at his back. He begins his speech by addressing "his brothers and sisters" of the Al-Sahim and the great victory God had handed them over the "demons" and the "dajjal". Melek recounted how they drove them, the "Orgur" from the deserts of Vone, in divinely ordained battle. However, he states, the war is not yet done. He continues by claiming that humanity is threatened, by evil forces in the universe, attempting to exterminate God's people, and that only through obedience and faith can they be victorious against the "Shaitan" (evil spirits). Melek declares that the Emperor has failed to defend Vone from this evil and that his forces crumbled under the invasion of the Orgur. If it were not for the Al-Sahim, he says, Vone would have fallen to an alien power. Thus, Melek declares a groundbreaking decree. He announces, in front of all the galaxy and deeply religious Scion Empire territories to observe, that the Tribes of Vone, including the Elders of the Al-Sahim, have crowned Melek, Sultan of Vone and possessor of the world. He denounces the Scion Emperor as a false prophet and a coward, before offering his military assistance to the Amalgamate Republic and those on Joss, currently under attack by the Shaitan. He assures the galaxy that the recent alien and "demonic" threats herald a sign of dark times and that he, the Mahdi and Sultan of Vone, will destroy the Shaitan, and urges all of the faith to join in his struggle against them. Finally, he ends his speech, warning the Scion Empire not to meddle in the affairs of Vone, that from that day on, it was no longer a part of the Scion Empire, but now a world under his Al-Sahim, his Sultanate.

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