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A Cause For Concern

2267, August 10th: Emperor Balthazar walks with Duntana in the Imperial Palace Gardens shortly after she recovered from the fight against Kazuma. "If it were not for the both of you, millions more would have died; You did exactly as I had anticipated. You have proven to be the next step in human evolution." the Emperor said confidently to Duntana. Yet, she looked troubled. "Father, Kazuma, his Mechanoid was unlike anything we've ever trained against." The Emperor stopped and turned to face Duntana. "Several weeks ago Taron Gerard announced the Frontier Defenders Task Force bill, they have spent trillions of credits advancing their Mechanoid systems, possibly for a long time, but only now unveiling them. As you know they're experimental, what we knew before was very little...and unfortunately due to the nuclear detonation, we don't have any wreckage to study. But our engineers are certain Kazuma was granted this experimental Mechanoid as part of the attack." Duntana looked concerned and replied, "Father, I struggled against Kazuma, how will we face an army of those Mechanoids?" The Emperor placed his hand on her shoulder and said reassuringly, "You're more powerful than you know, the Archnoids have seen far greater enemies, you only need to harness what's within, Elric is beginning to see this."

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