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3rd Conscript Division

2267, September 10th: The 3rd Conscript Division, also known as Thalia's Finest, are rotated back to Thalia from Artemis. Among the 3 conscript divisions deployed to Artemis on August 13th, after the the first reclamation, the 3rd is the last to stand. They fought hard battles against the Republican forces for a month and learned to never underestimate the guerilla fighters of the AR; They even successfully ambushed elements of the SER, known as Disciple 2, on Artemis. Grand Scion Dmitri Sokolov personally commends the 3rd Conscript Division commander, Major General Gaston Behnam for holding Artemis until reinforcements could arrive. The 3rd CD receives double their monthly pay, 10,000 Scion Qubits (Credits). They're given leave for 3 days until September the 14th, when they will be deployed for a top-secret operation ordered by the Grand Scions Joint Command; Due to their combat excellence, they were handpicked by the Emperor himself. In the coming days, the men and women of the 3rd CD spend their time enjoying life, frequenting bars, and reuniting with their loved ones. What money they made, many simply transfer to their family members. On Thalia, the 3rd CD are welcomed as heroes for their role in re-securing Artemis from the hands of the rebels. But the haunting truth is that many Scions died to reclaim the world, the faces of the dead are not easily forgotten.

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