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2LT. Michael Hakim

2267, August 19th: Written by @[AR/SBH] Sentient Blood Hand and @[S.E.R] Codius "Goooood afternoon to the Republic! It is currently 1pm here on good ol' Denov and some great news coming out of Savannah today! Just yesterday brave fighters still on Savannah rescued Air Marshall Santo Del Vigo from the clutches of the Evil Empire! The brave men of the 1st Mobile Corps valiantly held their ground to protect the Air Marshall! After hours of grouling fighting he was flown to safety after being escorted out of the fighting by brave militiamen of the 1st Mobile Corps! At the behest of their commanding officer, Adam 'Schist' Viyander and thanks to the grateful Air Marshall, two brave Sentinels of the 1st Mobile Corps were awarded the @AR Medal of Excellent Conduct for their heroic actions in traversing the rough mountains to destroy Scion anti-air to protect their fellow militiamen and protecting the Air Marshall! The ceremony has just ended, and we hope to have the Sentinels on with us later! However, we do mourn the loss of the beloved and respected General Titus Millerand who was fatally wounded by a Scion Marine while defending the Republic. His name and burial ceremony are to be held a week from now and his name etched in to the Denov memorial garden wall of fallen heroes. He shall be missed. May he rest in peace. More at 6, have a good day everyone."

A week later, 2LT Hakim Michael for his religious background and status after the battle on Savannah, is chosen to perform a prayer for the General by his grave side. He however suddenly cries, breaking down as he bears the guilt of responsibility of not having been able to respond in time to save the General. He prays for the safe passing of the Generals soul but also prays for his own forgiveness for not being there to save him.

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