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1st Naval Battle Group

2267, September 1st: On Rho III, the Dark Hour military drill concludes. Over 50,000 members of the Celestial Assault Forces, 25 Celestial Assault Forces (including the 1st Celestial Assault Force) in total, accompanied by 150,000 Amalgamate Republic Militia, embark aboard the ARN's 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th fleet; To date this is the largest naval and military buildup thus far in AR history, accounting for 50% of the AR's naval capacity and 10% of the AR's ground forces. Although their initial target was the 1st Imperial Armada, SER reports indicate the 1st Imperial Armada is no longer over Gliese. What's more, operatives from Disciple 2 have failed to report back to AR high command with their reconnaissance observations of Savannah; Being one of the best Disciple teams in the Republic, the AR fear they have been captured by the SE. Air Marshall Santo Del Vigo, who was the highest ranking officer to have escaped Savannah after it fell to the SE, believes that the 1st Imperial Armada has entered the sector, accounting for the radio silence; The assumption is that what forces were left, were quickly annihilated or captured by the SE. Prime Minister Taron, Commander in Chief of the AR's armed forces, speaks with his top brass for advisement on the next move. Fearing that a window to strike the 1st Imperial Armada and capture the Emperor is closing, or that forces on Savannah have been left behind, Taron Gerard pressures his generals to proceed with an assault on the Savannah sector. However, the Katari Zulxi warriors left behind with the AR by Shakaten Tuqolka warn Gerard against moving into the sector, as they sense a sinister force is at work. Furthermore, Chief Director of SER, Admiral Carlson provides Gerard with a report suggesting the Solar Blood Hands have entered the Savannah sector, and that the situation is not only dangerous, but unknown. Taron Gerard chooses not to heed the warnings of some of his advisors, he instead chooses to believe the assessment of Air Marshall Santo Del Vigo as credible and the most based on experience and reality, as Santo Del Vigo was one of the commanding officers in charge of the ARMSCC on Savannah. If anyone knew what the situation was, he figured it would be him. Furthermore, the Prime Minister expresses dissatisfaction with the Katari warriors and doubts their credibility. They had promised him a victory on Vone, instead they vanished, leaving many Disciple teams to their deaths. With his mind made up, he gives the order to Fleet Admiral Darius Rex, to form the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th fleet into the "1st Naval Battle Group". Without delay the Naval Battle Group makes final preparations, loading weapons, munitions, and supplies, in preparation for what they believe will be the largest battle yet against the Scion Empire. With this Taron Gerard hopes for a quick victory, if the Emperor is indeed in the Savannah Sector with the 1st Imperial Armada, he may be able to end the war; If not, he can at the very least save Savannah. If Savannah had fallen to the SE, Denov could be next, they needed to stop the Scion Empire in their tracks; Gerard explained this to his generals and admirals, before giving them the greenlight to warp to Savannah.

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