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103rd Regiment of Militia Destroyed

2267, September 2nd: After the failed invasion of Northam, the last holdouts of the AR on Scion Delta were destroyed. The 103rd Regiment of Militia, which started the insurgency on Scion Delta were driven back with the remaining rebel forces to the outskirts of the city of Antaroid. There they entered an abandoned particle accelerator and used the underground tunnels for shelter. However rather than send in forces to flush out the holdouts, Grand Scion Dmitri Solokov ordered a tactical nuclear strike of the area. Reports indicated there were no survivors. The 103rd Regiment of Militia was a notorious AR militia unit throughout the war, famous for making first contact against the Scion Empire on Artemis, and for repelling the SE on Mara-9 with nuclear weapons. Furthermore, Members of the 103rd Regiment of Militia, such as Dorgan Gunn, were responsible for the devasting nuclear terror attacks which killed hundreds of thousands on Scion Prime. As news of the defeat of the AR on Scion Delta is confirmed, a victory parade is held at Delta City, the capital of Scion Delta. With a fresh victory and high moral, Grand Scion Dmitri Sokolov is ordered to send reinforcements to Artemis, which include the Spaceborne Scion Guard. There he will move to crush the AR's 5th Mobile Corps which brought a resurgence of resistance on Artemis by destroying several Scion conscript divisions.

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