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Spaceship Landing on Earth

Scion Conflict: End License User Agreement

The Scion Conflict mod is published under APL-ND

- You may not reupload this addon.
- You may not use this addon on monetized servers.
- You may not change/rework any files of this addon.
- Monetary gain from Scion Conflict Mod/IP is forbidden.

Lore - For lore created by players/units to be considered canon, it must be requested to become canon from Outworld Studios (Mod Author) first. Then it will be posted in official lore if approved. The same applies to submitted photos or art that end up in lore-tools. Requesting events/characters/or non-canon lore to become canon means you agree that the idea becomes part of Scion Conflict IP and can be edited, if approved.
- Attempting to publish non-canon lore, head cannon, or canon lore works based on/in the Scion Conflict (IP) Universe without Mooses permission is copyright infringement and can be subject to DMCA.
- It is acceptable for players/units to create their own head-cannon/unofficial lore so long as it is not published as a work, i.e., a book, film, or adaption. This does not include Arma 3 gameplay footage.
- All IP rights reserved to the Scion Conflict author.

All contributions become SC IP

The following is allowed: Retextures Config mods/patches Scion Conflict units

- Units are not awarded special privileges that break EULA
- Units must follow the same EULA APL-ND license as everyone else. - Units that wish to advertise on our unit channels must avoid using the name "Scion Conflict" or "Community" in their unit's name to prevent confusion.
- It is not permitted to use Scion Conflict/Outworld Studios IP for your own universe/IP/stories unless solely for Arma 3 gameplay. Any infringement on Scion Conflict IP being adapted, adopted, changed, or used by another party will be subject to DCMA, copyright strikes, or civil lawsuits (this includes any published work displaying Scion Conflict IP)  

Scion Conflict Derivatives for private verified modders [SCD Mods] Now that the assets have been made available to everyone the SC EULA has been changed the following is not permitted.
- Distributing Scion Conflict assets (Bannable offense to share or suggest sharing files on any other location other than the official gdrive for Scion Conflict assets; Everyone must go through the verification process)
- Publishing Scion Conflict assets on any other location, website, platform, etc, other than Steam Workshop with verification
- Doing anything with them that would be IP infringement or otherwise illegal, like selling them.
- A steam account which is not authorized on the gdrive who has not provided gmail or steam account verification will be subject to DMCA if they upload assets from Scion Conflict without verification (This is not needed for private mods, but it is needed for public mods)
- Ripping assets from the mod or obtaining them any other way other than through the verified process of providing a steam account on which the mod will be uploaded and a gmail to gain access to the gdrive.

What is allowed

- Derivative Mods (Any mod that uses Scion Conflict assets must include [SCD] (Scion Conflict Derivative) tag in their workshop upload or will be DMCA'd
- Kitbashing models for an SCD mod; All SCD mods that use Scion Conflict assets fall under Scion Conflict IP and therefore cannot be copyrighted.
- Altering the models for an SCD mod; All SCD mods that use Scion Conflict assets fall under Scion Conflict IP and therefore cannot be copyrighted.
- Making your own custom textures on substance
- Credit must be given to Outworld Studios + Moose + Scion Conflict in the mod description for the assets. 

**Scion Conflict remains APL-ND; Those who are verified have private
access and must follow the SC EULA**

**By owning the mod/assets or downloading the mod, you agree to the EULA**

EULA: Welcome
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